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The Final Frontier: Tracking the Push for Price Transparency in Health Care


Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 1:00pm CT - 2:00pm CT
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Ryan Donohue: Corporate Director of Program Development National Research Corporation Lincoln, NE

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Price transparency has been a hot topic for decades, and with increased demands from the federal government, media reports of 'surprise billings' and provider reluctance, this topic is sure to stick around. The core idea that health care providers should be upfront about their prices is a bold and complex issue.

Through all the discussions, however, one voice has been overlooked: the health care consumer. Long before they put on a gown, and long after they leave, the health care consumer is deeply concerned with understanding the prices they’ll pay — and how the payment process will play out. We'll put ourselves into the shoes of health care consumers to best understand the call to share pricing. We'll also discuss the specific role of hospitals and health systems. In the end, we'll seek clarity on the issue and where we should go from here to meet consumers in the middle.


  • identify the role of price transparency in the larger ecosystem of health care decision-making and delivery
  • redefine the consumer journey of care through the lens of pricing and payment, with emphasis on pre and post-experience moments
  • share emerging ideas and practices for hospitals and health systems to seize price transparency as a market opportunity
  • assess the future power of price transparency as a potential relationship builder with consumers and patients